LLI Leadership                   Leadership Chart
Brought to you by…

Volunteers who believe that learning is one of life’s most vital pleasures. In addition to all the instructors listed in this session’s catalog, the following people volunteer for LLI.
Don Stotts, Director
Associate Director, Open
Isabel Van Horn, Secretary
Elaine Stotts, Treasurer
Jesse South, Administrative Coordinator & Equipment Coordinator
Julie Sanford, Program Coordinator
Gail Chavez, Site Coordinator
Judith Reinhart, Teacher Aide Coordinator
Publicity Coordinator, Open
John Marostica, Technology Coordinator
Dorothy Martin, Immediate Past Director
2016-2018 Term
Jerry Buttrey
Jean Callary
Patricia Layne
David Wise 
2017-2019 Term
          Jonathan Curtis
          Tom Hill 
Maureen McCormack
Edmund Nichols
Judith Reinhart
Richard S. Robertson
Della Sprager
Raúl Reza Vásquez
Organizational Documents
Jerry Buttrey, Bunny Davis, Carolyn Ellis, Sigrid Knudsen, Wanda Reynolds, Julie Sanford, Michael Sirmons
Deanne Aldridge, June Beach, Glenda Bell, Evelyn Brengle, Connie Cabezas, Gail Chavez, Sonia Colorito, Doris Coward, Neomi Delgado, Deanna Diccufa, Jeanne Farrington, Fred Ferate, Vickie Hahn, Patricia Hansen, Philip Horn, Kaye Kabaj, Jan King, Patricia Layne, Barbara Matocha, Anne McCulloch, Richard Moline, Sara Moore, Ree Nurnberger, Jann Randle, Carol Raney, Cindy Roche, Alfred Rogers, Diana Sturtevant, Joni Sula, Charles Vickers, Ketty Wadia, Frank Wicker, and Janet Wiman
To all the institutions listed in this catalog for providing space for LLI classes.
Without their support, it would not be possible to offer these learning opportunities
at such low cost.
With fondest memories, we mourn the loss of Elizabeth (Betsy) Warren, an instructor of history for LLI in its earliest years; and Warren Pargaman, a long-time student in LLI’s classical music appreciation class.