June 12, 2021

LLI Leadership

Brought to you by volunteers who believe that learning is one of life’s most vital pleasures. In addition to all the instructors listed in this session’s catalog, the following people volunteer for LLI.


[May 2021-December 2023]

Director: Mark Lyon

Associate Director: 

Treasurer: Elaine Stotts

Secretary: Jim Michalski

Immediate Past Director: Don Stotts

Office Administrator: Gail Chavez

Equipment Coordinator: Eileen Held

Program Coordinator: Julie Sanford

Publicity Coordinator: Evelyn Farmer

Site Coordinator: Gail Chavez

Teacher Aide Coordinator: Judy Reinhart

Technology Coordinator: Mary King



[May 2020-December 2022]

Jerry Buttrey

Jonathan Curtis 

David Wise

[May 2021-December 2023]

Francine Gertz

Dorothy Martin

Richard Robertson



Lissa Anderson, Jerry Buttrey, Bunny Davis, Sigrid Knudsen, Judy Reinhart, Julie Sanford.



To all the institutions listed in this catalog for providing space for LLI classes. Without their support, it would not be possible to offer these learning opportunities at such low cost.

In October 2020, we lost John Marostica, a long-time instructor of genealogy and a geneaological workshop. John was also LLI's "web-meister." His passing leaves a void in the communities he served.
Erwin McGee, one of our newer instructors, passed away in September 2020. Erwin guided a ground-breaking learning and discussion of historic and current economic theory.

Equally unexpected was the November 2020 passing of Mary Fischer. Mary was an instructor in our advanced Spanish course. Mary will be missed by her students.
Jesse South first became involved with LLI in 2007 as a student and volunteer. Over the years, Jesse took on many responsibilities. He was simultaneously our Office Administrator, Registrar, and Equipment Coordinator. He performed all in exemplary fashion. Known and respected by students, instructors, and colleagues, Jesse set an unequaled standard for service to LLI for over 12 years. 




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