November 23, 2020
  Lifetime Learning Institute of Austin

LLI is taking a break!   We are sad to announce that programming will be suspended for the fall 2020 semester. We have been experiencing difficulty and uncertainty with too many key venues where we normally hold classes.  At the same time there is growing uncertainty in the prediction of health conditions in our community in the fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

In the meantime:  LLI instructors are essentially on sabbatical, exploring, planning new courses, or trying new strategies. Some are experimenting with or continuing informal classes online.

What we’re doing: LLI leadership team will be working on lining up classroom sites for the future, including some NEW sites, and getting an early start on course planning for the spring. The Advisory Council will continue to work on administration and special projects. This is a growth opportunity for LLI.

What you can do:  Stay active!  Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Keep in touch with your past LLI colleagues or instructors.

  • Frequently check this website,  We’ll be making changes to the website appearance.  Do you have any good LLI class photos?  Send in comments and questions via the website. 

  • Talk about this great organization with your acquaintances, friends, neighbors, and church members. Refer potential instructors to Julie Sanford, Program Coordinator.

  •  If you have connections with institutions that have hosted LLI courses in the past, let them know you appreciate and value their support for LLI.

  • Help us scout for potential new classroom spaces for the future and use your connections to create interest in hosting LLI.  Offer your assistance to Gail Chavez, our Site Coordinator.

You can reach out to Julie, Gail or any other LLI leader using the Contact Us facility on our website.  LLI leaders and organizational structure information is on the Leadership page.

We hope you stay safe and healthy, and bring back new energy and enthusiasm for learning and socializing through LLI in 2021!

 Since 1977, the Lifetime Learning Institute (LLI) has provided non-credit classes to adults 50 years of age and over in Austin. It’s an independent, nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers. In addition, every year many Austin churches and other community-minded institutions partner with LLI to provide classroom space, keeping tuition as low as possible.