May 07, 2021
  Lifetime Learning Institute of Austin



We are sad to say that the Spring, 2021 semester of official Lifetime
Learning Institute courses is postponed until our community partner institutions can provide us meeting spaces.   As soon as that time comes, you'll hear from us!

Keep in mind what LLI is essentially about:

  • shared learning and teaching, for fun

  • affordable, daytime, convenient courses for older adults

  • making and maintaining friendships

  • community partnerships

It's worth waiting to do this face-to-face safely again!

During the fall of 2020, some LLI instructors and students have
continued to stay in touch.  Using Zoom or similar on line programs, groups of former LLI students and other students continued their study of languages (German, Spanish, French, Italian), yoga, Tao te Ching, investing basics, Zumba Gold and visual arts..  A few small groups moved to outdoor meetings. We expect such informal activity to continue in Spring, 2021.  If you have not been involved but have an interest in a specific course, you are invited to contact the Program Coordinator at to see if we can connect you to a potential online instructor. 
LLI Instructors:    If you are not already using Zoom or other online facilities to teach but would like to learn how, start by going to  the website . They offer tutorials. There are also many good videos on You Tube, according to our self-taught LLI instructors.  Best of all, LLI Advisory Council member and current Spanish course Zoom facilitator Mary King offers her personal assistance for training you.  Contact Mary at 

Everyone:   We ask you to help LLI by 

  • stepping up for a leadership role in 2021.  LLI won't survive without new volunteers.  Contact Don Stotts, Director, at
  • keeping in touch with your past LLI colleagues or instructors
  • talking about this great organization with your acquaintances, friends, neighbors, church members and Austin newcomers. Tell them our website address,  Refer potential instructors to Julie Sanford, Program Coordinator, email
  • if you have connections with institutions that have hosted LLI courses in the past, reminding them that  you appreciate and value their support for LLI
  • helping us scout for potential NEW classroom spaces for the future and using your connections to create interest in hosting LLI. Offer your assistance to Gail Chavez, our Site Coordinator, at
We hope you stay healthy and active, and bring back new energy and enthusiasm for learning and socializing through the Lifetime Learning Institute when we can get together in person again. 
 Since 1977, the Lifetime Learning Institute (LLI) has provided non-credit classes to adults 50 years of age and over in Austin. It’s an independent, nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers. In addition, every year many Austin churches and other community-minded institutions partner with LLI to provide classroom space, keeping tuition as low as possible.