June 12, 2021
  LLI is Back for Fall 2021!
LLI is pleased to announce that we will have a Fall semester of classes to offer! Our semester will run from September 13 through November 5, 2021, thanks to our sites opening up space to us.

The safety of our students is of primary concern as we start up again, so we are instituting some new measures to help protect everyone. We ask for your cooperation and adherence to these policies:
  • You will find that student enrollment limits have been reduced for many classes. We are attempting to keep at least 3 feet of space around each student. Please don’t ask to be added to a class that’s already full.

  • Classes must follow all CDC guidelines regarding mask wearing and social distancing whether classes take place indoors or outdoors. Even if not required by CDC in the Fall, several instructors have asked that students wear masks during their classes. We trust you will comply or not sign up for those classes.

  • Virtually all sites have asked that spaces and items used by LLI classes be cleaned and sanitized after each class. TAs will be given supplies and we hope class members will help them to wipe down surfaces at the end of class.

  • While we cannot mandate it, we strongly encourage class members/instructors to receive a Covid-19 vaccine before attending classes.
We are hoping to have the list of our classes posted on our website by early July, with the full schedule set to be online by August 16, 2021. Registration will begin online at noon on August 18.

The fee for each class remains $30 for the semester.
 Since 1977, the Lifetime Learning Institute (LLI) has provided non-credit classes to adults 50 years of age and over in Austin. It’s an independent, nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers. In addition, every year many Austin churches and other community-minded institutions partner with LLI to provide classroom space, keeping tuition as low as possible.