Fall 2018 Schedule  8 week courses unless otherwise noted 
This course concentrates on the basics of oil painting for the beginning oil painter. The students will be introduced to the paints, brushes and other supplies and use them in a series of exercises and painting. They will learn how to prepare a canvas for painting, characteristics of different painting surfaces, and how to use various implements to apply paint. Students will also explore color mixing and using color to express shape, form and dimension. No prior experience is necessary. Feel free to repeat this class to reinforce the concepts introduced. Supplies are an extra expense. Instructor will contact you regarding supply list. Please bring $6 to the first class for handouts. Limit 15. 6 classes.
Cherry Taylor
1:00—4:00 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
United Christian Church
3500 W. Parmer Lane (west of MoPac) (78727)
This Great Books anthology is a collection of thought-provoking works by Ursula K. Le Guin, Oscar Wilde, Vladimir Lenin, Jennifer Egan, George Saunders, and others illustrating the best and worst of what can happen when we attempt to mold the complex communities in which we live into our vision of a perfect society. It challenges readers to question what kinds of communities are most conducive to human fulfillment, both privately and in the civic arena. The class uses shared inquiry to discuss these works, combining both interpretive discussion (interpretation and meaning conveyed by the author’s words) and evaluative discussion (how do the author’s words speak to us?). Class participants should read the PREFACE (ix-xii) as well as The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas (Le Guin) and Utopia/selection (Moore) in preparation for the first class. Imperfect Ideal is available through the Great Books Foundation in both print and e-book format at: or ISBN 978-1-939014-20-7: 480 pages. Used copies are available through various resellers. Selected readings may be available online. For specific questions, please email the facilitator, Michelle d’Arcy, at Limit 20.
Michelle d’Arcy
1:00—3:00 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
St. Luke United Methodist Church
1306 West Lynn Street (78703)
The class will learn and practice the Italic style of calligraphy. Italic was developed during the 15th century Italian Renaissance. Emphasis will be on making a variety of greeting cards and addressing envelopes. Other projects will be included as desired by class members. Limit 20. 6 classes.  CLASS CLOSED
Lois Mayes
1:00—3:00 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
Air conditioners and heaters are an integral part of every home, especially in the extreme temperatures of Texas. All homeowners want to save on utility bills by keeping their HVAC system as efficient as possible through proper maintenance. But what do you do? How do you do it the proper way? And what is “efficient” by today's standards? How, exactly, does an HVAC system work? What about the latest tech features? All of these questions and more will be answered in this course. By learning about HVAC system components and their inner workings, you will be better equipped to do simple trouble-shooting, have improved dialogue with HVAC technicians, and have a more efficient and dependable system! Our instructor is a certified technician and experienced teacher.
Limit 25.
Oscar Manzano
1:00—3:00 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church
9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)
By focusing on different ways of listening and understanding, we enrich and deepen our enjoyment of classical music. We will listen to representative masterworks and discuss their style, form and meaning. The selection of works changes from semester to semester. Questions to be raised include the role of interpretation and the importance of rehearing music. No formal musical background is required. Limit 35.
Hanns-Bertold Dietz, PhD
2:00—4:00 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
Westminster Presbyterian Church
3208 Exposition Boulevard (78703)
Have you hesitated to enter a yoga class because you felt you weren’t flexible or young enough or simply lacked the confidence? My belief is, if you breathe you can do yoga. I am a senior yoga teacher and I am aware of the negative aspects of aging. I stress breath, mobility and stability. Yoga can help you feel more vital and confident, as well as help you relieve stress and stay “present.” Quieting the mind, linking breath with movement and fostering self-awareness can bring steadiness and ease into your life. This is not a beginner class, but rather a gentle Hatha practice for those who are familiar with some yoga poses. Bring a mat, towel and water to class as well as any props if you have them (block, blanket or strap). Let's practice together! Limit 18.  CLASS CLOSED
Nancy Goldman
1:00—2:15 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
Ascension Lutheran Church (Gym)
6420 Hart Lane (78731)
This course is for those who have had a primary course in Italian or who have some knowledge of the language. Additional attention will be paid to Italian grammar and pronunciation. Classroom exercises on dialogue and conversation will be aimed at making students comfortable with the language. Operatic arias and film examples will add special flavor to the class. There may be a modest charge for materials. Limit 23.
Edmund Nichols
1:30—3:15 P.M. Monday, Starts Sept. 10
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 West 15th Street (78701)


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