May 07, 2021

Courses - Thursday AM
This course is a true beginners’ class. No prior experience required. Whether you want to explore the German language for the very first time or think it might be good to start from scratch, this class is for you. Please bring $3 to the first class for handouts. Limit 20.

Henrike Belz
9:30—11:00 A.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Crestview United Methodist Church
1300 Morrow Street (78757)

This course introduces Peru, a large, ecologically diverse and history-rich country. Archaeology: Humans arrived in Peru at least 14,500 years ago. We will review ancient cultures of the coast and of the highlands, emphasizing the key role of the Chavín culture and arriving finally at the short-lived Inca empire. History/politics: a synopsis of contemporary Peru’s population, economy, politics and foreign relations. Peru’s first century of independence (1821- 1921), including the nation’s disastrous war with Chile (1879-1883), key immigrant groups, and the rise of a modern state. Museum visit: the Blanton Art Museum’s exhibition on José Carlos Mariátegui’s magazine Amauta (1926-1930) and the “new” visual art of the 1920s. Cuisine: Lima is renowned for its fusion cuisine, with local ingredients overlaid with Chinese, Japanese, and Italian influences. Tips on what and where to eat. Tourism/Travel: five alternatives to Machu Picchu for the intelligent traveler. David Wise first traveled to Peru in 1978; he has returned frequently. His current research focuses on Lima at the start of the 20th Century. Handouts $5 or less. Course is taught in Spanish; LLI advanced Spanish or equivalent required. 7 classes. Limit 30.

David Wise, PhD
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
Emphasizing vocabulary development, pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension and
conversation, this course is for students who have completed Beginning French 1 or those who have some knowledge of basic French. Limit 30.

Betty Clough
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)

Learn to play the age-old game of Mah Jongg, which quickly is becoming the most popular game played by both women and men of all ages. It is a great social game to enjoy with friends or you can play competitively at tournaments. Mah Jongg is similar to Rummy, using tiles instead of cards; players learn to make runs and sets. Your teacher is a Master Mah Jongg player, ranking in national and local tournaments. She’ll teach you National Mah Jongg rules and social/tournament strategy. Each student will need to purchase the National Mah Jongg League, Inc. Official Standard Hands and Rules Card 2019. Cards are available on the National Mah Jongg League website or Amazon. The price is $8 for a standard card or $9 for the large print. Limit 20.

Gail Radke
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Renaissance-Austin Retirement Community
11279 Taylor Draper Lane (78759)

Master Gardener and Austin Herb Society President Lucinda Rudin (B.A., Brandeis University and M.A.T, Harvard University) will discuss best practices for cultivating and using herbs for culinary, medicinal, and antimicrobial purposes. The course will address various body systems that benefit from the use of herbs. Nutritional information and ways to incorporate usage of food and herbs to promote optimal health will be discussed. One or more field trips will be offered. Please bring $6 to the first class for handouts. Limit 25.

Lucinda Rudin
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church, Upper Room
9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)
Sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association, the Great Decisions program provides balanced, authoritative and nonpartisan materials on critical world issues to support discussion and engagement. The 2020 program targets 8 topics, including suchtough issues as global warming and geopolitics, Central American migration, China’s increasing encroachment into Latin America, and Red Sea security and its impact on global trade. We use the Great Decisions Briefing Book as our starting point for class discussion. It has background information, analysis by an expert on each issue, and suggested discussion questions. Go to the website, to learn more and order the book for $32. Please read the first chapter, “Climate Change and the Global Order” and come ready to share your thoughts and your sources. If you have questions before registering, text the moderator at 512-577-5140. Limit 22.

Raúl Reza Vásquez, Moderator
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 W. 15th Street (78701)

Intermediate and advanced students will practice reading and speaking, using online Spanish-language
news and social/cultural publications. Each will choose one country to follow in online periodicals (from a list provided by instructor), and in class we’ll share and discuss the social, political and other cultural aspects of the articles. We’ll increase our vocabularies and fine-tune grammar while gaining insight into the different countries. Please bring a notebook for keeping vocabulary, worksheets, and notes. Our instructor is a native speaker and experienced instructor of Spanish. Limit 20.

Jorge A. Hidrobo, PhD
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 13
Ascension Lutheran Church
6420 Hart Lane (78731)
This course is for those who already read music and have some previous experience playing one or more sizes of recorder. A "consort" is an ensemble of soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders. We learn and play music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods to the present. If you enjoy playing recorder music and would like to be part of a consort, then this group is for you. To register as a new member, please first contact the group facilitator at 512-825-4252 or She will provide more information about what's needed for the course. Limit 20. Note: 1-week delayed start,cours extends one week.

Susan Richter
10:15—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 20
Genesis Presbyterian Church
1507 Wilshire Boulevard (78722)

This class may be split into two groups to accommodate a range of advanced beginners, including some who have attended two or more classes before. We will continue to learn about the cases (Accusative and Dative) and the prepositions that go with them, and their differentapplications. Additionally, we will work on more complex verb constellations (modal verbs, reflexive verbs, verbs with prepositional objects etc.) We’ll also practice pronunciation and speaking skills. Contact the instructor if you have any questions: Please bring $3 for copies to the first class. Limit 20.

Henrike Belz
11:15 A.M.–12:45 P.M. Thursday Starts Feb. 13
Crestview United Methodist Church
1300 Morrow Street (78757)