Courses - Thursday AM
This class will pick up where the Fall class ended. The first two weeks we’ll do a comprehensive reflection of the fall class’ content (first verb conjugation, first questions and answers, introducing yourself and others, the German alphabet, and the three articles) and then move on to basic sentence-forming while expanding our vocabulary. Please bring $3 to first class for course materials. Limit 20.
Henrike Belz
9:30--11:00 A.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Crestview United Methodist Church
1300 Morrow Street (78757)
Learn to play the age-old game of Mah Jongg, which quickly is becoming the most popular game played by both women and men of all ages. It is a great social game to enjoy with friends or you can play competitively at tournaments. Mah Jongg is similar to Rummy, using tiles instead of cards; players learn to make runs and sets. Your teacher is a Master Mah Jongg player, ranking in national and local tournaments. She’ll teach you National Mah Jongg rules and social/tournament strategy.
Each student will need to purchase the National Mah Jongg League, Inc. Official Standard Hands and Rules Card 2018. Cards are available on the National Mah Jongg League website or Amazon. The price is $8 for a standard card or $9 for the large print. Note: no class on Feb. 28; course extends 1 week. Limit 20.
Gail Radke
9:45—11:45 A.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Lamar Senior Activity Center
2874 Shoal Crest (near 29th /N.Lamar) (78705)
Master Gardener and Austin Herb Society President Lucinda Rudin (B.A., Brandeis University and M.A.T., Harvard University) will discuss best practices for cultivating and using herbs for culinary, medicinal, and antimicrobial purposes. The course will address various body systems that benefit from the use of herbs. Nutritional information and ways to incorporate usage of food and herbs to promote optimal health will be discussed. One or more field trips will be offered. Please bring $5 for handouts. Limit 25.
Lucinda Rudin
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Upper Room
9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)
Class sessions will follow the 2019 edition of Great Decisions. It contains eight chapters on eight different issues, one for each class session.  The text chapters will be followed sequentially. Find more information and order a copy of  2019 ($30) at the website 
For a summary of the individual chapters, please go to
We will cover the first chapter during the first class. Please be prepared to discuss it.  It is preferable for all sides of an issue to be covered from different perspectives.  Please do not be concerned if you do not agree with the solutions offered in each chapter.  The only rules are that one can disagree with the book or with statements made by others in the class, provided verifiable facts and logic are followed, and one is not disagreeable. Participation in class discussions is strongly encouraged.  Sometimes, original solutions are arrived at this way.  However, if one prefers to listen to the class discussions only without necessarily participating, please let the instructor know, preferably by text at 512-577-5140 or by email at, or at the first class meeting.  Limit 22. 
Raúl Reza Vásquez
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 W. 15th Street (78701)
Emphasizing vocabulary development, pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension and conversation, this course is for students who have completed Beginning French 1 or those who have some knowledge of basic French. Limit 25.
Betty Clough
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
A continuation of the fall course, this is for students who have some familiarity (not mastery) with most Spanish verb forms, but need review and practice. We will read short passages from novels, review fundamentals of grammar, and work on extending vocabulary for common activities. You can repeat this class as many times as you like. There is much to learn! Please bring $4 for handouts to the first class. Limit 20.
Odilia Leal-McBride
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
The election of the first Latin American-born Pope, Francis I, and the canonization of Saint Oscar Romero of El Salvador are two major consequences of the Second Conference of Latin American Bishops held 50 years ago in Medellin, Colombia. Its summary document, especially the chapters on Justice, Peace, and Poverty of the Church, provided the framework for the development of Latin American Liberation Theology. For the first time in the history of the continent, the “scandalous situation of the poor” took center stage in the theological reflections of the major Christian Churches. Together with the social, economic, and political reality of the Latin American and Caribbean societies, questions of gender, race, ethnicity, the environment, and dialogue among different religious traditions came to the fore. This short course will be an introduction to the issues and challenges that Latin American Theology has addressed since the early 1970s. Participants from different religious and/or philosophical backgrounds will have the opportunity to appreciate the development of a new way of approaching religion and social justice in Latin America and the Caribbean, after five centuries of their colonial and neocolonial history. What is Liberation Theology? How was it born and grown? What are its central contributions? Why is it controversial? Our text, which students should get, will be Bingemer, Maria Clara: Liberation Theology. Roots and Branches, Orbis Books, 2016, available in book stores and online. Further readings and videos are available at . Our instructor holds graduate degrees in History of Evangelization in Latin America and in History and Ethnohistory, and brings his own experience working on the front lines of the Liberation Theology movement in South America. Limit 30.
Jose A. Gomez Moreira
10:00—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
This course is for those who already read music and have some previous experience playing one or more sizes of recorder. A "consort" is an ensemble of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass recorders. We learn and play music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods to the present. If you enjoy playing recorder music and would like to be part of a consort, then this group is for you. To register as a new member, please first contact the group facilitator at 512-825-4252 or She will provide more information about what's needed for the course.
Limit 20.
Susan Richter
10:15—Noon Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Genesis Presbyterian Church
1507 Wilshire Boulevard (78722)
This course starts off with the basic grammar structure for a regular sentence (subject, object, verb) and the application of cases and their identifying articles. The spring class will introduce the formation of the present perfect and include studying and practice with the first irregular verbs. For questions regarding level readiness, contact the instructor by email
Please bring $3 for course materials. Limit 20.
Henrike Belz
11:15 A.M.–12:45 P.M. Thursday Starts Feb. 14
Crestview United Methodist Church
1300 Morrow Street (78757)