Courses - Thursday PM
Zumba Gold® is the modified Zumba Fitness program that is everything a traditional Zumba class is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party, but at a lower-intensity. We will focus on balance, range of motion and coordination. Students must be able to stand and move safely for 45 minutes. Our instructor is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and has been teaching Zumba Fitness programs for over 6 years. Dress in comfortable clothes and secure rubber-soled shoes. Limit 20.
Ting Williams
1:00—2:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Belmont Senior Living West Lake Hills
4310 Bee Cave Road (78746)
This is an opportunity to practice and improve playing the game of bridge in a structured setting with advisory assistance from skilled bridge professionals. It’s intended for people who already know the basics of playing the game, not first-time beginners. Each class will have prepared hands to play for training. We will play the hands and analyze outcomes with guided group discussion. There will also be free play for practice and fun. You’ll increase your knowledge and confidence.
Our Coordinator is an enthusiastic bridge player who enjoys facilitating activities for other players. One of several volunteers from the Bridge Center of Austin will also assist at each class. Limit 24.
Helen La Flare, Coordinator
1:00—3:00 P. M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive, (7731)
Journaling is more than a way to record life experiences. It can help you get to know yourself better and provide a way to cope with stress, heal emotional wounds and solve problems. It’s an excellent means of exploring the truths revealed in our dreams. Research shows that people who journal about personal challenges and painful events have better health outcomes than those who do not engage in such self-reflection. Participants will learn several journaling techniques so they can find one or more that suit them. They will also learn guidelines to follow to maintain a successful journaling practice, including steps to maintain privacy. Participants will be asked to bring a blank notebook and two pens or pencils. A laptop may also be used. There will be journaling exercises in each class. Students will be instructed to journal between classes using designated techniques. We will not read journal entries, but will share at the beginning of each class about how the journaling process went. No writing experience necessary. 6 Classes. Limit 20.
Sheila Allee
1:00—3:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14,
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
This course is designed for students who have taken the first level LLI oil painting class or have had some experience with oil painting. After reviewing the material from Beginner 1, we'll focus on advancing our knowledge of color and color mixing. There will be an emphasis on palette construc-tion and color harmony, composition, canvas preparation and completing an original painting. Students are encouraged to use original photos and, preferably, paint from still life. Supplies are an extra expense. After you register, the instructor will contact you regarding supply list. Please bring $6 to class for handouts. 6 classes. Limit 15.
Cherry Taylor
1:00—4:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
United Christian Church
3500 Parmer Lane (west of MoPac) (78727)
65. TED TALKS DISCUSSION GROUP (Note: This is the same as on Monday A.M.)
Does a wide range of viewpoints stimulate you? Then TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Talks is for you! With its agenda to make great ideas accessible and spark conversation, TED is a non-profit global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. Usually in the form of short, audio/visual presen-tations (20 minutes or less), TED Talks cover a variety of topics, from science to business to global issues. We will view 2-3 TED Talks per week outside of class (web access/internet connection required) then gather in class to discuss these ideas. NOTE: TED Talks are not shown in the class. In preparation for the first class, participants should view the following three TED Talks (approximately 36 minutes total.) Go to and search for these presenters and titles: Bryan Stevenson, “We Need to Talk about an Injustice” (23:41); Kaitlyn Sadtler, “How We Could Teach Our Bodies to Heal Faster” (4:57); and Bill T. Jones, “The Dancer, the Singer, the Cellist, and a Moment of Creative Magic” (6:26). For specific questions, please email the facilitator, Michelle d’Arcy, at Limit 20.
Michelle d’Arcy
1:00—3:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
St. Luke United Methodist Church
1306 West Lynn Street (78703)
This class will cover basic concepts and practical applications for any of your devices—laptop, PC or Apple, Android or iPhone, or tablets. You’ll learn how to make the most of your electronic device, simplifying everyday tasks. Students will complete a short survey on their top device peeves to guide class direction. Topics range from “What is the Cloud?” to buying or upgrading your devices. The instructor uses real life examples for up-to-date discussions and specializes in making the complex simple. Limit 20.
Linda Gibson
1:30—3:30 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Bethany United Methodist Church
10010 Anderson Mill Road (78750)
Just in time for the 140-day Regular Session of the 86th Legislature, this course will provide a close-up look at the legislative process, the leadership and members of the Texas House and Senate, and the lobbyists and interest groups that seek to influence them. Class members will learn how legislators craft the only bill that MUST pass—the one that becomes the two-year state budget. They will learn how to identify and track other bills and resolutions as they make their way through the process, or fall by the wayside. The course will include audio-video presentations, at least one outside speaker, and a field trip to the Capitol. Our course instructor spent 16 years as a legislative and congressional staffer and later served as a legislative liaison and policy analyst for the Texas Dental Association and the Texas Department of Transportation. Limit 24.
Jay Bond
1:00—3:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
These forms have been used for centuries as gentle, soothing, enjoyable exercises to increase circulation, enhance balance and concentration, and gently tone the body for health and well-being. We will do Qigong exercises developed for optimum health, as well as T’ai Chi (Taiji) forms. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. The instructor has been practicing and teaching these forms since 1974—44 years! Limit 26.
Anya Rylander-Jones, PhD
2:00—3:30 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
7127 Bee Cave Road (78746)
We will explore movies made in the silent era in the USA and beyond in the first three decades of film history. Some of these pioneers may be new to you. Others, like directors John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock, transitioned easily to sound. We will watch shorts and full length features of all types: comedy, drama, tragedy, romance, as well as genre films like crime stories and westerns. Films are shown in their entirety with no class break. When an occasional film runs 2 hours, class extends to 4:15. Correct email address is important as students receive emails at least once a week with film background and other film-related news. Note: No class March 14; course extends 1 week. Limit 35.
Betsy Tyson
2:00—4:00 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Westminster Presbyterian Church
3208 Exposition Boulevard (78703)
Using yoga exercises, we strengthen and tone the body, enhance flexibility in the joints, improve balance and focus, reduce stress, and improve circulation and concentration. Please bring a mat or blanket to class and wear comfortable, non-binding clothes. As with any exercise program, check first with your doctor, especially if there is any history of untreated high blood pressure, eye complications from disease, or other health concerns. The instructor has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1974—44 years! Limit 23.
Anya Rylander-Jones, PhD
3:30—4:30 P.M. Thursday, Starts Feb. 14
Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church
7127 Bee Cave Road (78746)