CLASSES - Tuesday AM
Exploring records to learn about your ancestors—who they were, where they lived, what they did—has never been easier or more exciting. The Austin Genealogical Society exists to encourage and support such searches, using methods old and new. Each session is presented by a member of the society, covering a variety of topics. Beginners and experienced researchers are welcome. Expect to pay $3 to the coordinator for copies. Limit 20.
Inez Eppright, Coordinator
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church
9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)
Exercise with yoga, t’ai chi, Zumba and Texercise with this expert on senior fitness and community resources. Join this fun-filled 120 minutes for a total body workout to promote cardiovascular health, increase muscular strength and improve balance and flexibility, and sample healthy food. We'll practice deep breathing, improve our coordination and learn mind-body relaxation techniques. Be HAPPY! Be ACTIVE! Be HEALTHY! Limit 25.
           CLASS CLOSED
Rusty Cribbs
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Ascension Lutheran Church
6420 Hart Lane (78731)
This course is designed to encourage intermediate and higher-level students to read, think, write and communicate in Spanish, using short stories, online Spanish-language news and cultural publications, and in-class sharing opportunities. Each student will select one Spanish-speaking country to research and report on that country’s current news or culture. We will read and discuss selected articles and stories from the textbook, Album by Joy Renjilian-Burgy and Rebecca M. Valette, 3rd Ed. (available used locally and online). Limit 15.
Note-There will be no meeting on Sept. 11. Course will extend one week. 
Jorge A. Hidrobo, PhD
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 18
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 West 15th (78701)
This course is for students who have completed the LLI Beginner 1 courses or equivalent, and who can use many Spanish verbs in the present tense. We will begin to work on verbs in the past tenses, while practicing more basic grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and everyday conversations. You will need a notebook and a good Spanish-English dictionary. Please bring $3 to class for handouts. Limit 20.  CLOSED CLASS
Odilia Leal-McBride, PhD
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
Our story begins in 1718 when San Antonio de Valero opened as a mud-hut mission. We learn of the Canary Islanders who were San Antonio’s first civilian settlers and the arrival of the East Texas missions. We find out about the origin of the Governor’s Palace and the development of LaVillita. We talk about movers and shakers––Mavericks, Mengers, Brackenridges, and Guenthers. We remember the 1836 “Battle of the Alamo” and the saga of the ladies’ “Second Battle of the Alamo.” Newlyweds Lt. Ike and Mamie Eisenhower were at Fort Sam Houston along with General John J. Pershing, Geronimo, and Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. We discuss the Japanese Tea Garden, the Witte, the Art Museum in the old Brewery, and the McNay. San Antonio created its amazing RiverWalk, moved a hotel along the streets of downtown, built Hemisfair and the Institute of Texan Cultures. Today, the Alamo is about to get dressed up. Limit 50.  CLOSED CLASS
Myra Hargrave McIlvain
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Northwest Recreation Center
2913 Northland Drive (78757)
This is the course for those with some background in French who want to expand their vocabulary; improve pronunciation, reading and listening comprehension; and learn to communicate in French. Limit 25.
Betty Clough
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
This course focuses mainly on meditation and visualization and their many benefits for a healthy mind, body and soul. An entire class will also be dedicated to the phenomenon of near-death experience and how it can point to the existence of human spirit and an afterlife. We will use multi-media lectures, video clips and contemplation on passages from the sacred literature of the world. The instructor is an experienced teacher of world religions, has led seminars on meditation and is an author published in the fields of life after death, near-death experience and meditation. Limit 30. 6 classes.
Farnaz Masumian
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Unity Church of Austin
5501 W. Hwy. 290 Service Road (78735)
This is a seminar for people who want to explore how the arts affect us and why they matter. The topic this term is modernism in the visual and literary arts. The course will focus on specific works of modern art against the backdrop of the modernist break with tradition in Western art and culture that began in the late 19th century and accelerated after the First World War. It is thus not a survey of modernism, but, rather, a look at representative works by modern artists such as Cezanne, Picasso and O’Keeffe, and authors such as Eliot, Hemingway and Beckett. Literary works will be readable on a weekly basis except, perhaps, for Hemingway’s short, iconic novel The Sun Also Rises, which registrants may wish to start before classes begin. Except for The Sun, all works to be discussed will be available online or provided by the instructor. The instructor has taught literature in college, has published poetry and art criticism, and has curated exhibitions for a museum of which he was a trustee. Limit 18.
Joseph Longino, PhD
10:00—Noon Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Westover Hills Church of Christ
8332 Mesa Drive (78759)
No matter what your age, you need to be well informed about investments and financial planning. This course offers an easy way to learn how to save, invest and work toward your financial goals. Whether you are just starting out or want to learn something new, the workshop will give you real-world strategies that are easy to follow. In this workshop you’ll learn:
• Key features of bonds, stocks and mutual funds
• Steps you can take to prepare for retirement
• How insurance can help protect against unexpected life events
• Basics of estate planning
A detailed workbook will be provided. Our Instructor is a registered financial advisor and experienced presenter. Limit 24.
Chris Cybulski
10:00—11:30 A.M. Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Lamar Senior Activity Center
2874 Shoal Crest (near 29th and N. Lamar) (78705)
Ever wonder how laces such as Belgian, Swiss, or Chantilly are made? You will learn the basic techniques of weaving lace using bobbins, which may lead to using other threads, yarn, and/or wire to create your own designs. Bring a box of straight pins, scissors, pin cushion and “cover cloth” (a large cloth table napkin or any piece of fabric about 18 inches square). Bring $5 to class for materials. Limit 12.  CLOSED CLASS 
Karen Hickman
10:30 A.M.—12:30 P.M. Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Brookdale Parmer Lane Assisted Living
12429 Scofield Farms Drive (78758)
Chair Yoga allows students to increase muscle strength. Selected poses strengthen the torso and large muscles. After seated warmups, standing poses help students build strength and endurance. The class ends with a period of relaxation. Students achieve increased flexibility and range of motion. Our instructor is an experienced practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi and yoga. Limit 16.
Phyllis Coombes
10:00—11:15 A.M. Tuesday, Starts Sept. 11
Belmont Village Senior Living West Lake Hills
4310 Bee Cave Road (78746)

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