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  Fall 2018 Schedule  8 week courses unless otherwise noted
We will begin with what is contained in an Estate Plan including a Last Will and Testament, Medical Power of Attorney, Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, Directive to Physician, HIPAA Release, and, if necessary, a Trust agreement. Then, we navigate through the Probate process from the filing of an Application to the closing of the Estate, as well as what happens if you or a loved one passes away without a valid Will. We review how real and personal property and various other assets pass upon a death. Continuing on, we will cover what it is to be incapacitated and how the Guardianship Application and Appointment process works. Along the way, we will discuss typical costs to hire an Attorney to assist you in preparing the various planning documents and court proceedings. We conclude with a review of Federal Trust, Estate and Gift taxes. Limit 30. 6 Classes.  CLOSED CLASSES
Andrea V. Comsudi, Attorney and
Counselor at Law
9:30—11:30 A.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church
8134 Mesa Drive (78759)
The object of this course is to get your family/personal stories on paper. Studies have shown that most family stories fade beyond two gene-rations. Our lives are filled with stories—funny, poignant, sad, spiritual, meaningful. You have stories only you can write. Most of us have wished we could ask about our families but there’s no one left to ask. Leave that written legacy for others and save them that frustration. They will thank you for it. There is no instruction, but we will discuss stories and the process of writing – don’t worry, it’s painless. Each member should expect to write one story each week and read it in class. Listening to the stories of others frequently sparks memories of our own so we add to our list of stories to write. At the end of the semester, we will produce a class book to which you are encouraged to contribute your stories. Need more info? Call Gayle Opie at 512-704-6558. Leave a message for return call. Limit 12.
Gayle Opie
9:45 A.M.—12:15 P.M. Wednesday Starts Sept. 12
Unity Church of Austin
5501 W. Hwy. 290 Service Road (78735)
With more than 400 different species possible in Travis County it is a great place to take up bird watching. This course with PowerPoint slideshows and time for Q&A is suitable for new, casual and “new to Austin” birders. Topics include the well-equipped birder, basic identification, behavior and vocalizations, migration, attracting birds, where to go birdwatching and conservation challenges. The focus will be on charismatic species that are fairly easily seen or heard like owls, hummingbirds, raptors, purple martins, chimney swifts, expected backyard birds, ducks and water birds. One session will be a field trip, and we may also step outside our meeting place to check for birds. An experienced teacher and avid birder, our instructor has taught for Travis Audubon, the Native Plant Society, Austin’s Wildlife Habitat Steward Program and many local groups. She gardens for birds with 75 species on her yard list. Please bring $1 for handouts for the course. Limit 25. Note one-week delayed start. 7 classes.
Jane Tillman
10:00 – Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 19
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church
9508 Great Hills Trail (78759)
Learn how plate tectonics controls the distribution of earthquakes, volcanoes, and Andean-type mountain ranges; about predicting the next big quake; behavior of rivers and deltas; why New Orleans is doomed and the Tower of Pisa leans. We will explore fossil fuels, fracking, groundwater, caves, climate cycles, global warming, and other fascinating phenomena. Limit 25.
Earle F. McBride
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
This class is designed for students who can at least form basic sentences and communicate in German. Writing, listening and speaking will be given equal attention, while grammar will be deepened and expanded. Brief excursions into German culture and history will be intertwined with the lessons. The class is taught by a native German speaker. Please bring $3 to first class for course materials. Limit 20.  CLOSED CLASS
Henrike Belz
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Crestview United Methodist Church
1300 Morrow Street (78757)
This course is called a workshop because it is designed to teach more about how to do genealogical research than about what to research. Topics will be more about how to find the information you need as opposed to sharing what was found. “Brick walls” are all about not being able to find that one piece of information you need. We will learn about programs, internet sites and tools that can help you with your brick walls. You will hear from some great presenters and get to spend 8 weeks networking with other genealogists, learning and exchanging ideas. The instructor is the organizer for AustinGenSIG, an active member of both Austin and Williamson County Genealogical Societies, and an experienced presenter. Please bring $3 for handouts. Limit 35.
John Marostica
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Northwest Recreation Center
2913 Northland Drive (78757)
You wish you knew your ancestors’ stories. If you don’t write your family stories, your grandchildren will also have to wish. Here’s an opportunity to dip into your memory and write your stories to share and save for the younger generations of your family. Don’t let your stories be lost! We write them at home, read them to the class, and can contribute them to the Class Book. This is not a class on how to write. No instruction is given, but we learn from each other. Limit 30. 
Richard Robertson, Coordinator
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
The Norse of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden went on “Viking” raids sweeping along the beaches and up the rivers of Eastern and Western Europe. It was the shock and awe period of the medieval age. Raiding gave way to trading and settling. They struggled for the mastery of England, they founded Dublin and the Dukedom of Normandy, and they laid the foundations for modern Russia. Exploring westward, they colonized Iceland, Greenland and even had outposts on Newfoundland. They made it to North America 500 years before Columbus and established a trading network from Baghdad to the North American coast. In this course we will explore Viking culture, ships, raiding, trading, exploring and legacy. Our instructor is a retired Naval officer, business executive, and life-long sailor. Limit 50. 6 Classes.
Todd Clayton 
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Northwest Recreation Center
2913 Northland Drive (78757)
Ideal for beginner and intermediate levels, this is a holistic, eclectic approach to traditional yoga, designed to provide stress relief through pranic breathing techniques, flexibility of joints and spine through simple and safe postures, and an enhanced mind-body connection through better awareness of breath. You’ll feel the difference! Bring a yoga mat and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Limit 25. New venue! 
Zareen Shah
10:30—11:30 A.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Corazón Latino Dance Studio
500 W. William Cannon Drive Ste. 400 (78745)
This course is organized around a popular video-based course available on YouTube. You should be familiar with—though have not yet mastered—the preterite and imperfect. Goals for the course include expanding vocabulary, developing greater proficiency using the preterite and imperfect, direct and indirect object pronouns, especially in speaking. The present subjunctive, used in direct and indirect commands, will be introduced and practiced in context. $2 will cover handouts.  Limit 20.
Jann Randle
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
St. Martin’s Lutheran Church
606 W. 15th Street (78701)
This 6-week course, taught in Spanish, introduces Spain, a country made up of “patrias chicas” or historical regions. We'll examine several of these regions, looking at their histories, languages, customs, food and art. Regions and Themes: Roman Hispania—institutions, administration, commerce, urban and rural life; Basque Country—whalers, explorers and saints; Asturias—the mountainous North, where the Christian “Reconquest” began; Galicia—green Celtic land of rain and pilgrims; Catalonia—a Mediterranean economic power with its own national identity and language; Castilla y León—nucleus of the Castilian state and cradle of the Castilian language; Andalusia—Roman Baetica, invaded by Muslim Africans in 711 CE; Muslim conquest and kingdoms; Christian and Muslim art and architecture. Instructor David Wise made his first trip to Spain in 1971 and his tenth in 2015. Cost of texts and handouts will not exceed $10. Note: LLI advanced Spanish or equivalent is required. Limit 30. 6 Classes.
David Wise, Ph.D.
10:00—Noon Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Highland Park Baptist Church
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
This course is for beginners or for those who wish to continue at this level. We will do easy ultra-beginner dances in the first half of class, then progress to some syncopation and higher-level beginner dances. You will be taught basic steps: scissor steps, coasters, sailor steps, jazz box, triple steps. Wear comfortable clothes and secure shoes. Limit 18.
Pat Watson
10:30—11:30 A.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 12
Ascension Lutheran Church
6420 Hart Lane (at MoPac) (78731)


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