December 07, 2019
Courses - Wednesday PM
  Course Schedule - 8 week courses unless otherwise noted
This workshop is for students with some skills in scrapbooking, painting or collage. Mixed media is art composed from a variety of mediums and materials. You will learn techniques and work with new materials such as yupo, deli and gampi papers, faux encaustic wax, alcohol inks, and resin, plus many more. Class projects will include handmade cards, altered objects, collage panels and art journaling. A supply fee of $25 will cover ALL supplies you will need for class, at a cost lower than if purchased separately. Limit 12.
Kaye Labaj, Facilitator
12:45—3:15 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Belmont Village Senior Living West Lake Hills
4310 Bee Cave Road (78746)
This course will take a beginning quilter through learning to cut accurately, sew accurately and produce a quilt top. We will also have an overview of the quilting process to finish the quilt. You will need your own copy of our text, Start Quilting with Alex Anderson (3rd Edition). There also will be an expense for acquiring the basic supplies for the course, as well as the fabric and batting for the project. Students will need to bring their sewing machines to some classes, but not the first class. 7 classes. Limit 8.
Susan Tennison
1:00—3:00 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Christ Lutheran Church
300 East Monroe Street (78704)
In Sri Ramaswami's book Yoga for the Three Stages of Life, he states that when one is young practicing yoga āsanas as an art and exercise is appropriate. However, as one gets older, one seeks to maintain reasonable mobility using a more modest āsana practice and puts more focus on Yoga breathing practices (prāṇāyāma), meditation, and the study of Yoga philosophy. This course will follow that approach: modest āsana practice, prāṇāyāma practice, and meditation. Interspersed between these practices will be discussions about the history and philosophy of Yoga based on selections from the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita. The course is designed so that by the last session, you will have developed a Yoga practice consisting of āsana, prāṇāyāma and meditation that you can use or add to your daily practice. This course is appropriate for beginners as well as experienced Yoga enthusiasts. The poses used will be standing poses (most of which can also be done sitting), so you will not need a yoga mat. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water. Jim Maxwell is a Registered Yoga Teacher (300+ hrs) and a Licensed Professional Counselor. Limit 25.
James Maxwell
1:00—3:00 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Faith Lutheran Church
6600 Woodrow Avenue (78757)
If you have had Italian Beginners 1 and wish to continue to improve grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills, this is the course for you. The instructor is a native speaker of Italian and an experienced language teacher. She will advise about level readiness and textbook at the first class meeting. Please bring $2 to first class for handouts. Note: to enroll in this BEGINNERS 2 class, some knowledge—one or two semesters—of Italian is required. One-week delayed start; class extends one week. Limit 20.
Tina Polo
1:00—3:00 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 18
Highland Park Baptist Church, Room 225
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
How many times have you thought about entering a yoga class only to reconsider because you felt you weren’t flexible, young enough to participate, or just simply did not have the confidence? My belief is, if you breathe, you can do yoga. I am a senior yoga teacher and I am aware of the negative aspects of aging. I stress breath, mobility and stability. Yoga can help you feel more vital, confident and may neutralize many age-related issues, as well as help to relieve stress and keep you “present.” Quieting the mind, linking breath with movement and self-awareness can bring steadiness and ease into your life both on and off the mat. This is not a beginner class but rather a gentle Hatha practice for those who are familiar with some yoga poses. Required props are: a mat, 2 blocks, an 8’ yoga strap, and a yoga blanket or large towel. Wear comfortable clothing and don’t forget your water bottle. Let’s practice together! Limit 20.
Nancy Goldman
1:00—2:15 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Ascension Lutheran Church
6420 Hart Lane (78731)
We'll discuss Jhumpa Lahiri's two collections of short stories, Interpreter of Maladies and Unaccustomed Earth, both available in paperback on Amazon. Limit 25.
Linda Ringer Leff
1:30—3:30 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Highland Park Baptist Church, Room 203
5206 Balcones Drive (78731)
No matter what your age, you need to be well informed about investments and financial planning. This course offers an easy way to learn how to save, invest and work toward your financial goals. Whether you are just starting out or want to learn something new, the workshop will give you real-world strategies that are easy to follow. In this workshop you’ll learn:
• Key features of bonds, stocks and mutual funds
• Steps you can take to prepare for retirement
• How insurance can help protect against unexpected life events
• Basics of estate planning
A detailed workbook will be provided. Our instructor is a registered financial advisor and experienced presenter. (Same course as Wednesday A.M.) Limit 20.
Chris Cybulski
1:30—3:00 P.M. Wednesday, Starts Sept. 11
Overture Arboretum
10600 Jollyville Road (78759)